Daily Inspiration

Sometimes, it can feel like there is more to complain about in our lives than there is to be grateful for, but a change in perspective can easily turn that around. That is why I wanted to create a place where my readers can find daily inspiration to be grateful instead of complaining, to feel more love than fear, and to flow through life with more ease and happiness.

Daily Inspiration

Flex Your Positive Mind Muscle

When something “bad” happens in our lives, we can always choose to look for the good that comes out of it. But, that isn’t always easy to do. That’s why feeding your mind with words of wisdom and inspirational messages are extremely important. By feeding your brain with positive stuff, you’re exercising your “positive mind muscle.” When we complain and wallow in what isn’t working in our lives, we do the opposite and end up exercising our “negative mind muscle.” The muscle that gets the best workout determines if we will react to situations in our lives positively or negatively, and our reactions have a big impact on our health.

Daily Inspiration to Get Your Spark Back

We all go through ebbs and flows in life and we all need a little inspiration to get back on track (or stay on track). Whatever is causing your spark to be on hiatus, whether it’s because you are feeling down in the dumps, sick of living in “survival mode” instead of really living, feeling stuck or just generally worn out, it’s time to taunt that spark back into your life!

You’re Tuned to the Inspiration Station

I want you to stop settling for a life you don’t love. I want you to wake up happy and excited just because another day is upon you. I want you to choose to stop yearning for the life you want and start living it now. That’s why this blog will provide you with motivating graphics and articles to renew your sense of purpose and wonder. I’ll provide free printables to spark your creativity and keep you moving forward. I’ll create and curate the articles, videos, audios, graphics, quotes, musings, and anything else that can help inspire you, flex your “positive mind muscle,” and get your spark back.

Inspirational Tools & Resources

Your Daily Dose of Happy – I have created Your Daily Dose of Happy so that my readers can get a shot of inspiration in their inboxes each day. I put my heart and soul into these emails and pride myself on making sure you look forward to getting emails from me. You’ll find quick and simple tips, info and resources that you can act on right away to live your awesome life. You can sign up here and I’ll also send you my new happiness report to get you started.

3-Step Action Plan for Happiness, Inspiration, and Health – This article maps out a 3-step plan to help you enjoy more happiness, inspiration, and health this year. You can even download a One-Page Printable of the plan.

My Favorite Personal Growth Books – Here, I share my top 10 all-time favorite personal growth books. These are the cream of the crop, the absolute best of the best as far as I’m concerned. They have certainly helped make me who I am today and have helped me to enjoy more happiness, love, and tranquility in my life, not to mention the inspiration to accomplish great things. Perhaps they will be life-transforming for you as well!

How to Access the Personal Motivation to Achieve Your Dreams – When we are inspired, we are motivated to achieve our dreams, and when we are motivated, we are inspired to keep moving forward. It doesn’t really matter which one you start with, but both are essential, which is why I have included this article here.

Suggested Inspirational Products

Fast Track Guide to Getting Motivated & Achieving Your Goals – In my 4-week e-course, you’ll learn how to overcome your motivational blocks so you can finally make your dreams come true. We are the happiest when we are striving for and reaching our goals, and this course will give you the motivation and inspiration you need to do just that!

Inspirational Journals

Enchant Journals, Bookmarks, Notecards & Wall Hangings – Enchant inspirational paper products are a beautiful reminder of the magical and mystical aspects of life…because it’s often the things we can’t see that are the most beautiful. Each piece contains original artwork and words of wisdom by me!

Rituals for Living Dreambook & Planner -Your tool for finding clarity and achieving goals, while nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. This is hands down one of the best journals/planners available!

Books About Inspiration

Inspiration by Wayne Dyer – I love the way Wayne Dyer talks about inspiration in this book. You’ll definitely gain some new perspectives when you read this book, and butterflies will take on a new meaning.

Life Without Limits – Nick Vujicic is such an inspirational person, and this book gives you “inspiration for a ridiculously good life.” He was born without arms and legs, but nothing holds him back. If this guy isn’t inspiring, I don’t know who is.

Oh the Places You’ll Go – A Dr. Suess classic! This book should be on everyone’s bookshelf.

Creative Coloring Inspirations – Gotta love these adult coloring books! They really do help inspire you and get you in a creative mode, while also serving to relieve stress. It’s a form of meditation for me.

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