This blog is a labor of love. Writing the content on this site helps me to be a happier, more positive person, and it allows me to share tips and information I’ve learned to help others as well. In order to be able to create ongoing content for this site, it does need to be a source of income for me as well.

To earn an income from this blog, I will occasionally incorporate endorsements and testimonials into my content, as well as affiliate products and sponsored posts. I only promote products, services and businesses that I believe will be a benefit to my readers. Some products have been provided to me free of charge by advertising partners, however that does not in any way ensure a positive review of the product. Even if I am being paid to promote a product, I will always provide my genuine opinion of the product/service.

My integrity and my readers’ best interest are my priorities, therefore I will never compromise accuracy and fairness in order to earn money. The mention of affiliate products, services and businesses may not always be indicated within the content of my blog.

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