Healthy Holistic Living

Happiness and health certainly go hand-in-hand. That’s why this blog will also feature simple guidelines for healthy holistic living and wellness. I’ll provide natural living wisdom and DIY health projects to assist you in your quest.

Healthy Holistic Living

Healthy Holistic Living & Wellness

When you are living your life in a way that benefits the whole you – your mind, body, and spirit – you will notice a positive shift in every area of your life. As you clear up a mental block, you’ll notice physical symptoms dissipating. As you awaken the spirit within you, you’ll notice you feel more alert and pain you used to feel will no longer be there. It’s all connected, and I’ll help you nurture your holistic health to set yourself up for optimal wellness and happiness.

Natural Living Wisdom

Evidence is demonstrating that our modern lifestyle is creating much of the suffering and disease in the world. By returning to a more natural way of living, we can restore our health, happiness and lead a more peaceful life as well. I’m not saying you should cut off your electric or get rid of your car, but making simple changes like eating more organic food and using personal products that don’t contain phthalates and parabens can make a big difference. That’s why I’ll provide you with tips and inspiration to lead a more natural life.

DIY Health Projects

DIY Health Projects is my term for things like making your own lotion and creating healthy popsicles for your kids (or you!). It’s fun to create something that is free from chemicals and toxins, and it’s even more fun to use and/or eat them.

Healthy Holistic Living – Information & Resources

How To Be More Holistically Healthy – There’s a big difference between being healthy and being holistically healthy, and it’s one that modern medicine tends to overlook. In this article, you’ll discover 10 ways to be more holistically healthy so you can enjoy optimal health and well-being.

Why Holistic Eating is the Best Diet (even though I fail half the time) – This article explains the ins and outs of holistic eating alongside my total honesty about my successes and failures at eating this way. I hope that this will help you realize you can do this even if you don’t do it perfectly.

How a Daily Walk Will Transform Your Life – This article walks you through all the ways walking has transformed my life (and there are many!). It’s definitely one of the key habits that keeps me healthy and happy.

15 Easy Health & Wellness Tips For More Energy Now – Discover 15 easy health and wellness tips that will give you the energy you need to accomplish your tasks with gusto. You can use these tips immediately to get an instant energy boost, and you can use them over time to enjoy sustained energy.

10 Ways Activated Charcoal is the Ultimate Skin and Health Breakthrough – Activated charcoal is an amazing home remedy for radiant skin and vibrant health. Here are 10 ways you can use it to revive your skin and health.

Suggested Holistic Health Products

Holistic Eating E-Course – With my 14-Day E-course, you can access the energy and vitality you deserve by learning to eat in a way that makes your body thrive! You’ll get simple actionable tips that will get you on a path to a successful way of eating right away.

Lemongrass Spa Natural Skincare Products – I fell in love with these products so much that I just had to become a rep and I often write about the products. I love that they offer natural and organic products that also come in tons of incredible scents – that’s not easy to come by! They have indulgent spa and body care products like skincare products, bar soaps, liquid soaps, lotions, shampoo and conditioner, lip balm, essential oils, and so much more.

Lemongrass Spa Charcoal Bar Soap & Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Mask – I LOVE these products! I use the bar soap once a day and the mask once a week. Since I’ve been using them, my pores are smaller, my blackheads and pimples are gone, and my skin feels incredible. Here’s an article I wrote about activated charcoal in case you haven’t heard of it before.

JJ Virgin Shakes, Bars, Supplements & Success Kits – These products are packed with nutrition and are highly reputable. These are the same products JJ Virgin used to help her son heal from a fatal accident as she explains in her new book, Miracle Mindset.

Suggested Memberships

Once a Month Meals – Making meals ahead and freezing them is one of the best time-savers, and this site makes it an absolute snap! They give you everything you need at your fingertips to plan, make, and freeze your meals, including incredible healthy recipes, shopping lists, and labels. Seriously, this cuts hours out of my meal planning each week!

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