How to Find Happiness

I’m on a mission to inspire more happiness in the world and in my own life. Most of us would say we are generally happy, yet the majority of us are still yearning for something. We are still wondering what it feels like to feel fulfilled or even just to experience a little more joy or to have happiness that lasts beyond a fleeting moment. It’s time to learn how to find happiness and keep it!

How to Find Happiness

Happiness, Inspiration & Health Go Hand-in-Hand

When we are happy, we feel so much more inspiration and passion about life. When we are happy, we have a greater level of health and wellness because the body and the mind are unquestionably linked. Real happiness can make most prescriptions and treatments unnecessary – if only the doctor could prescribe happiness!

The World Needs You to Be Happy!

Your greatest focus in life should be making yourself happy, and here’s why. Happiness is scientifically contagious! Have you ever noticed that when you are around a happy person, you start to feel happier as well?

The best thing you can do for the world is to be happy because happy people spread happiness throughout the world. If everyone put as much time into focusing on making themselves happy as they do complaining about what isn’t right in their lives, we could easily create peace on earth.

Your Ability to Manifest Needs You to Be Happy!

We manifest more of what we are already putting out, so if you are waiting to be happy, you always will be. The key to manifesting what you want is to feel what you want to feel now. That’s easier said than done, and that’s one of the things I’ll help you with.

Let’s Get Happy Together!

I’m starting a happiness movement with this blog because I want more happiness in my own life and I want the people around me and all over the globe to have more happiness. I want to live in a world where love winning out over fear is the norm. This blog will provide you with everything you need to shift your happiness level from mediocre to extraordinary as you receive simple strategies for increased abundance, joy and balance.

Join me! Let’s be part of the happiness movement today, tomorrow and always! You can get started by browsing the information and resources below about how to find happiness…

How to Find Happiness – Information & Resources

3-Step Action Plan for Finding Happiness, Inspiration & Health – In essence, this is what this website is all about. In this post (which was the first post for this site), I share my 3-step action plan that helped me bring more happiness, inspiration, and health into my life. I still use the steps to this day. Comment below on how they work for you and/or what action steps you use in your life to have more happiness.

How to Have a Happy Life in Spite of Yourself – Even when it feels like you’ll never achieve the happiness you desire, if you let this article in, it will show you the simple secret to how to have a happy life in spite of all the things holding you back (which are often just ourselves).

53 Simple Pleasures For Lasting Happiness – We are so plugged into technology today that we’ve created a lot more stress and disconnection for ourselves. It’s more important than ever to engage in simple pleasures because it’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy.

How to Access the Personal Motivation to Achieve Your Dreams – Personal motivation and happiness go hand in hand because without motivation, you won’t have what it takes to pursue your dreams, and without dreams, fulfillment and happiness aren’t really possible.

Why the World Needs You to Find Your Happiness – So many of us put our happiness on the back burner, but there are so many reasons why the world needs you to find your happiness. You’ll learn 10 reasons in this article plus 7 ways to bring more happiness into your life.

Suggested Products to Bring You More Happiness

Fast Track Guide to Getting Motivated & Achieving Your Goals – In my 4-week e-course, you’ll learn how to overcome your motivational blocks so you can finally make your dreams come true. We are happiest when we are striving for and reaching goals, so make that a priority today!

Books About Happiness

The Happiness Project – I love what this book sets out to do. It walks you through the author’s experience as she set out to bring more happiness into her life. Her systematic approach is unique and will work well for people who tend to be task oriented.

10% Happier – What I love about this book is that it’s written by a news anchor who is far from the type of person you would see meditating, yet he writes in a very candid way about how meditation changed his life. Great for skeptics and non-believers in all the “woo-woo holistic stuff” I love so much.

Delivering Happiness – For the business-minded individual, this book demonstrates how a different kind of corporate culture can make a huge difference the results the company gets by creating a company culture that values happiness and then delivers on it.

My 10 Favorite Personal Growth Books – I am a big lover of personal development books because they keep my head in the right place and help me grow. In this article, I share my top ten all-time favorites.

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